Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, contact us to see if we can help you with your countertop project.

We would be happy to look at them and see if we can help you.

We specialize in commercial jobs like parking garages, warehouses and factories. If you have a large scale residential project, feel free to contact us.

You bet. We polish industrial and commercial floors.

Our primary area is here in central Ohio, but we have been known to work outside of our home turf in some situations. Contact us about your project and see if we can help.

We use epoxy, hybrid urethane and urethane grouts to inject into cracked concrete.

We grind curled control joints, construction joints and high or low areas in concrete.

Please fill free to call or email anytime.

We can provide full depth repair to a complete joint system installation.

We can grind, blastrak & repair concrete surfaces so your materials will have a mechanical bond.

We have, and can install carbon fiber systems.

Absolutely, we take pride in our consultation work in order to make sure safety, materials and scope of work is done correctly.