Expansion joints prevent damage and cracks to your concrete.

If you have broken, damnaged, or deteriorated expansion joints or even cracks and failures, we can help.

Brick or concrete walls are typically outfitted with expansion joints to prevent cracking. Over time, expansion joints can degrade and potentially fail. When the joints have grown wide or have pulled away and even developed cracks, they should be repaired to prevent the spread of damage to the rest of the concrete or adjoining structures.

Joint & Crack Repair

Extends floor life

A bad joint can cause structural concrete to crack and fail.

Reduce hazards

Reduce damage to tools & equipment

Pedestrian safety

Reduce trip & fall accidents.


Gaping cracks look like neglect. Repair them.

Adding value

High quality, secure floors is a smart investment.


Make your facility or store look brand new.

Higher weight

Bigger forklifts, heavier vehicles--no problem.


Revitalize your concrete panels them.

Quick Questions

It really depends how big the project is. With a rough idea of the square footage involved, give us a call or email us and let's figure it out.
Incredibly durable, in fact it can be even more durable than your existing floor with the proper treatment.
Big is what we do best. We can do large warehouses, parking garages and more.

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