Structural Concrete Repair

Bridges, buildings, foundations and so much more.

Very large concrete structures sometimes need repaired. They might need patched, rejuvenated, refreshed and in some extreme cases, re-engineered. We have extensive experience with large building repars on warehouses, office buildings, parking garages and more.
Contact us if your large concrete structure is showing it's age or is need of some help.

structural concrete repairs

Types of structural concrete repairs

Cementitious Patching

Delaminated concrete surfaces (horizontal, vertical and overhead).

Epoxy Patching

Fast setting, difficult, or low temperature areas.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber and epoxy resins to repair concrete structures.

Steel Beam Replacement

Remove failed steel beam systems and install new system.

Re-bar repair

Remove embedded re-bar and install new epoxy coated steel.

Injection repairs

Use epoxy or hybrid urethane to weld concrete back together.

Quick Questions

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Wintertime can be tricky, but we are able to work around any of your time or seasonal needs.

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